Sunday, 14 October 2012

Looking at The World

It's interesting how one's point of view changes.  Working slowly by hand has made me look differently at the cloth I am holding, and all the several sensations that come with this gentle handling are interesting and pleasurable.
This has made me appreciate the softness that I am not naturally drawn to.  And I have been most grateful this week for a level of gentle regard that has come my way from those who care for me.

This little package came from Heather (who now has a blog of her own, follow the link) and was a real treat to open.. Old Japanese fabrics with the most wonderful textures and depth of colour, soft and crisp textures.. Most are woven patterns, with that delightful depth and utter naturalness of indigo..

What has struck me quite forcibly lately is how much one's view can change without any real intention, or without even noticing until it happens.  I have been carrying my camera all the time, catching images as they arrive.  In the making of these, I found a series of images which I have called Roadkill following my fascination with the everyday detritus of life. 
And in looking at the floor, I found Shadows, too

These from Tesco's supermarket this morning.. The first is a bike, the second a row of trolleys, both outside the shop and with the sun transforming their being into this exquisite monochrome..

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