Monday, 29 October 2012

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge 74

Wrong blog, I know, but the technology is fighting back too firmly for me..
My hand is up, the buttons are all at my house
Small quilt, approx 15 inches tall, with hand-embroidered/quilted stitch holding the layers and the buttons on.  All the woven fabrics (thanks Jude) were grabbed from the scrap box as tones, not choices.. The size was set by the oddment of batting I found under the table.  The background fabric is Oakshott Fabrics Ischia and the binding is another colour I can't name.. All the buttons came from one of the 7 tins-worth I bought the other day, incidental to purchasing a sewing machine table for my little workroom at home..
Sewn in front of the fire to the accompaniment of a programme about wolves and buffaloes.
Finished on Saturday morning, but I can't get to the FFFC blog.. Bah, humbug...

Edited: Monday, got access and am able to post at the Fast Friday blog, but I'll leave this here..


  1. Great job, love the tonal look and all the wonderful array of buttons. Hmmm, good to know that YOU have all the buttons.

  2. Love it! Reminds of Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, although you have more than 4, they are groovy.

    Have enjoyed your various blogs with road kill, shadows, kittens, etc.


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