Sunday, 30 September 2012

Work In Progress

 Unbroken Circle.
The Suffolk Puff came from something I was remaking.  The Blue Square is left over from Mood Indigo (below) because I can't count to 9. The patchwork with the strips inset is from an experiment I made using a technique from a Kathleen Loomis technique. Then there's a bit of "drop cloth"  fabric - used on the table when I dye and print until it's full of colour, then useful in all manner of ways.  Base is hand-dyed muslin, very soft and fragile and airy.. Oh, what fun..
 This is Weaving Blue.  A base, not ready to work on this further, but it feels lovely.  The elephant is in the room..
 Back of the above, showing the stitches.  I love the way these show as a row of spots on the front
 And this is Weaving Rust.  Only part-stitched.
And Mood Indigo.  I have made several pieces like this, more images soon.. Some have decided they need to have Rainbows in them, and some on them, but this one will have Red..

Blessings and Love


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