Sunday, 21 October 2012

Further progress

 Unbroken Circle has been sewn to a backing of hand-dyed linen.. It's a bit less soft than it might be, but I like the colour, and the texture is nice.  I've done quite a lot of hand-stitch, mostly rather simple running-stitches, and I think this one is almost done
 Mood Indigo has its Red Spots, and a purplish backing (which doesn't quite work on screen, as its a shot fabric.  I'm going to add more smaller spots and red stitch
And this is Weaving Rust, with stitch in indigo-dyed cotton, plain cotton, and hand-dyed silk thread.. I think this one is almost done, too.. Better in life than on screen, I think..
I haven't decided what to do with these yet - my default is always the art piece for the wall, but I have been making nice books this week. I may add these to other pieces and expand them further.. I'm amazed at how long some of these have taken to stitch, which makes them uneconomic for sale..

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  1. I like the spiral holding the space together. Cloth is always better in person. It is true that hand stitch takes time, in the end, my selling turns more into giving things away. ha!


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