Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Two Thousand Miles in Two Weeks.. pretty bad for the backside, to say nothing of the energy levels..
Went to Scotland, with my friend Phil, to attend the Drum Dance at Forres.  We had a fantastic time, Phil's first experience of Professional Camping, lots of lovely sunshine (for once this year) and all manner of magic and good company.  And I got to visit my lovely Stella, and see her house and Peace Chamber for the first time..

I was Drumming..

I love the drum, and to sing, and I feel this may be a place I spend much time in over the next few years, but I am rethinking much of my Life and Art and Practice at present.  I have a fairly major hospital stay in a couple of weeks time..  I'm scared, and not keen to take time out, but I am very determined to look after what needs looking after this time, and not just try to ignore the need to slow down, to rest, to be still.. It's hard for one as frenetic as me to stop, but I must..

Meanwhile, I have had little time to sew, and I'm in need of it, so I'm going to do that..
Snailspace.. At Bamburgh Castle

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