Sunday, 30 December 2018

Word for 2019 - Clear

Now, I try to have a Word to live by each year. 2018s word was "Refine" and I feel this has been helpful. 2019s Word is Clear.

I'm clogged up. Actually, physically clogged at the moment, as I have a grunge-filled chest and a pint of snot every time I blow my nose, but that will pass, given time, warmth, and antibiotics....

And, in the workshop, too much stuff. At home, a little better, as I have been sorting and clearing and refining and disposing-of madly while everyone else was slumping and eating and generally being gentled into sleep in front of the TV...

But still, I won't live long enough for some of this. I have boxes and bags and shelves full of 40-years-worth of Stuff..

So, I need to get this stuff, unstuffed, clear space to breathe.. Oh, yes, breathing. I remember that...


And After..

Happy New Year, all

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