Thursday, 28 December 2017

Refine - my Word for 2018

As usual, I have chosen, or been chosen by a Word for the Year. And this is Refine. I see this as a perfecting, a deciding, and a casting-away-of-dross sort of a word, and it's time. Last year was hard. We did too much travelling, and there was too much chaos. In November my lovely man had to go back under the surgeon's knife, and he is still slowly recovering. It's a long process. My bones have been hurting, I feel very old and crunchy, and it's been hard to keep the work in progress, progressing satisfactorily..

So, this week, clean all, sort all, look at all, discover hidden useful things. And casting-off of stuff I'll never use unless I live to be 200...

Magpie too long, time for the underlying not-so-shiny but solid..

My plan is to take the first quarter for sorting out the Sewing Machine stuff, and making Art, I hope to do these in roughly equal parts..

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