Thursday, 2 January 2014

Word Of The Year

In 2012 I decided to use a Word Of Power, to make me think about my life and work, and to cover a whole lot of ideas with simplicity, and because it seemed like a good idea, and lots of people I know were doing this.
So I chose NO! (emphasis deliberate) and all year I looked at what I was doing and making and what people were asking me to do, and I empowered myself by saying NO! when I really didn't want to do things.. I also said Yes a lot, so not a negation at all.

And in 2013 I used Enough
I have more than enough stuff.  Time to get rid, use up, sort out, decide what is worth having. Enough. And also possibly to decide how much time to use on things, and what is essential, what amusing, what tedious...

And for 2014 I have found Better
John's suggestion.  He is facing an operation, needs to get better.  We also decided that we both wish to continue with the business of adding skills, learning, getting Better at things and processes.
And I want to do the things I do, Better than ever..

Happy New Year

Keep on adding to your vocabularies...


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