Friday, 24 August 2012

In the Beginning..

 Was an idea, that it would be nice to do more Hand Work; to take the time to be a little more meditative in my work; to follow truly the Idea that Work Is Worship. 
Spirit Cloth 101 came along and captured me in passing. 
This is to document what happens, and what does not, perhaps.  Links in the side bar
 These two drawing happened before the course, and seem to fit perfectly
 Now, like many of you, I suffer from an Excess of Stash, so I arranged a few pieces (indigoes and Chinese vegetable dyes above)

 And some rusts, and silks, both plain and printed, and woven
 Then I got this lovely parcel from Tiggy Rawlings
 ..with muslins
and fine cottons

Here I go...

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