Friday, 18 December 2015

You Cannot Buy Me

You cannot buy me
I am not for sale

If you try
I will probably dislike you for it

Actually, there is
No probably about it

I don't want your tchotchkes
Your little gifts are a burden
Not a blessing

Leave me to my own stuff

This does not mean you cannot buy my work
I'm happy to put the item
Into a bag for you
And take your credit card
And wave goodbye to it

Whatever is was
It's out of my heart now

Please do not try to fill the gap with stuff
That I did not request

Monday, 14 December 2015

Midwinter Prayer

Creator, Creatress,

In this season of Darkness, let us remember the Light.  

Give me the strength to keep doing what I know to be right
And the persistence to make all that I do as good as I can make it to be
To keep rolling
To keep teaching
To keep learning
To stay true to myself
To be kind where it is needed, and exacting where that is needed, too
To be solemn sometimes, and to laugh at other times, but always to see the good

Let me be a grown-up, make proper decisions, make my own decisions,  always to give myself permission to be myself

Let me be strong enough to take full responsibility for all that I do..

Don't let me defer, devolve, destroy, by making others responsible for me.  I'm a grown-up, I can do these things without your approval.  I don't need to pretend that anyone disparages me in order to remove my own responsibility..

I will no longer be your ogre, your queen, your mother, your owner, your critic, your decider, your designer.. Be yourself, that is all I ask.. I cannot tell you if you are bad or good, only if you are true.

Great Spirit, watch over us...
blessings, blessings, blessings